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Your Artists

Ascension delivers a personal and professional service. Clients to feel relaxed and comfortable... and leave with a tattoo they'll be happy with for a lifetime.


Design and positioning are of upmost importance.

With full training in infection control, we work to the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, and adhere to a strict 6 part sterilization process.

Ascension offers a warm, friendly, and clean environment.  

We are customer focused and don't charge for consultations or advice. We can draw or  help you find your perfect design.  


There are many reasons why people decide to have a tattoo, from the simple to the profound.  Whatever your age and whatever you're looking for, Ascension can help.

All of our inks are vegan-friendly, and you will receive full correct aftercare advice.


Jodie Palmer

Jodie is  a buddhist tattoo artist who's been tattooing for fourteen years. She has solely professional studio experience and Ascension Tattoo was established in 2013.

Her qualifications include an NVQ in Art and Design along with an A-Level in Art.


"I have always been artistic and love to create art in a variety of media.

I began my apprenticeship at Tufuga Zoo Custom Tattoo in 2009...

It was here where I did my first tattoo works  and went on to become the studio's second artist and shop manager.

I used to tattoo because I liked tattoos. Now I tattoo simply because you like tattoos, and I like you. 

The role I have in the community is part of my spiritual practise. I'm very customer focused and would say my biggest strengths are making the client relaxed, and attention to detail"




Jade Palmer

Jade is a body piercer and Laser Technician with solely studio experience. A kind and patient mother of two, she will look after you through the whole Piercing or Laser Treatment process, offering a compassionate, professional service and competent aftercare advice.




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